IBAN-Name Check API for Organisations

SurePay was founded in 2016 and has been providing the IBAN-Name Check (Hereafter: INC) to all major Dutch banks since 2017. When organisations also started requesting to use the IBAN-Name Check, Surepay introduced this specific IBAN-Name Check API for Organisations, to meet the specific needs of this use-case.

Version 2

About the IBAN-Name Check API for Organisations

The IBAN-Name Check API for Organisations consists of an intelligent algorithm that can easily be integrated into the organisations environment through one single endpoint. The organisation sends a request containing the data that needs to be checked: name, account number and optionally another company identifier (e.g. VAT or KVK).

How does it work?

The algorithm verifies the input details against the data as registered at connected banks and additional data sources, and returns the matching results in the response via one single endpoint. The response can be used in the organisation’s processes. Users can then be triggered to correct details, protecting the organisation against erroneous or manipulated data in the system, which helps to prevent fraud and mistakes in payments.

The IBAN-Name Check API for Organisations is a check service. With valid input it will always give back a Match result based on the account number and name or company identifier. Please refer to the API Specification for the Matching responses. When providing a matching result we also distinguish between two types of account holders ('accountType' request field):

  • Natural Persons (NP) account; bank accounts that belong to a natural person
  • Organisation (ORG) account; bank accounts that belong to organisations. Because organisational data is less privacy sensitive, it’s allowed to provide more data in the response of ORG owned accounts. For example, in the Netherlands, the response will contain a name suggestion for ORG, even when the ‘nameMatchResult’ field is not matching. Besides the Netherlands, Surepay also offers account check services in other countries via scheme partners. Access needs to be requested separately and induce additional (scheme) costs. Functionality in these regions might also slightly differ from NL, because of differences in the local schemes. For details please refer to the Use Cases.

We always look to improve the implementation experience of our customers, so if you have any questions or feedback on the documentation or the process, please let us know at info@surepay.nl.


A visual representation of how the IBAN-Name Check works

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