Account Age Check

SurePay offers an add-on service called Account Age. By enabling this feature, customers can access the account age field in the API response, which allows them to quickly determine how long the account has been registered at the data source. This dedicated field ensures that the information is clearly presented to the user. The account age information can be used to discover fraud (as newer younger accounts correlate with fraud).

To gain access to SurePay's add-ons, customers are required to notify first. This notification is essential to enable access to these additional features.


To receive the Account Age field for a provided account, there are no changes required in the regular API request. The complete description of the API request can be found in the API Specification. The headers are also explained in the same section.


In the response, the Account Age field will be included as an additional field in the account object, without any changes in the rest of the response. This field will be returned in case of a MATCH or a CLOSE_MATCH of the account number/IBAN and name check or when there is no match. The following table shows the field specifications:

  • Name
    Conditionally Returned

    Describes the period (in weeks and months) since the account has been registered first.

    • LESS_THAN_ONE_WEEK - Less than 1 week.
    • ONE_WEEK_TO_ONE_MONTH - 1 week to 1 month.
    • ONE_MONTH_TO_THREE_MONTHS - 1 month to 3 months.
    • THREE_MONTHS_TO_SIX_MONTHS - 3 months to 6 months.
    • SIX_MONTHS_TO_ONE_YEAR - 6 months to 1 year.
    • GREATER_THAN_ONE_YEAR - Greater than 1 year.


    "accountId": {
        "value": "NL07SRPY0000000007",
        "type": "IBAN"
    "name": "Disco Sensation"


    "nameMatchResult": "MATCH",
    "dataUsedForMatching": "VERIFIED",
    "account": {
        "accountNumberValidation": "VALID",
        "paymentPreValidation": "PASS",
        "status": "ACTIVE",
        "accountType": "ORG",
        "accountAge": "GREATER_THAN_ONE_YEAR",
        "jointAccount": false,
        "numberOfAccountHolders": 1,
        "countryCode": "NL"
    "scheme": "SurePay"