Enable checks on my accounts

The SurePay Confirmation of Payee (CoP)/IBAN-Name Check (INC) solution requires PSP’s to provide account data to be able to respond to incoming requests. The solution matches the input name against the name(s) registered at the bank.

The data

The provided data consists of all known attributes of the account and of the account holder(s) that are relevant for the matching algorithm. The source within the bank is usually one or multiple CRM systems and alike, and the data includes amongst others the first name and last name in case of a personal account or the legal name and trade names in case of a business account.

Available methods

The actual data is provisioned either online via an API or offline via batch-oriented provisioning. In the case of online provisioning, the bank will need to provide a real-time and highly available service for retrieving account data. In the case of batch-oriented provisioning, the bank will need to provide bulk data files on a daily basis that are stored by SurePay in a local datastore for fast retrieval.

Option 1: Realtime data provisioning

This method allows for the most accurate check results. Each time SurePay receives a request for one of your accounts, we fetch the matching data in a real time manner via your data provisioning API. The data we use is as up-to-date as you present it to us! However, it requires some extra work on the ASPSP side, as a data privisioning API needs to be created. image

Option 2: Offline hosting via file exchange

An alternative to realtime data provisioning is our offline hosting service. The ASPSP provides us with a daily file containing the matching data (accounts, names, etc.). This could be a good approach if you want to start responding as soon as possible, or do not have the technical capabilities (yet) to build a data provisioning API. image

Next steps

  1. Decide what method has your preference. To assist your decision making process, we provided more information on how the two different methods work in the following sections:
  1. Continue to specifications based on whether you need to comply with UK rules or are looking for a solution that complies with the EU rules. Based on these specifications, the provider of the data should be able to deliver account data by providing a file over SFTP on a daily basis or expose a Restful API over HTTP and allow the SurePay solution to access it with required security and performance level