IBAN-Name Check API for Banks

This section describes version 2 of the IBAN-Name Check API for Banks which is used by EU banks or other PSP's in the payments journey as a pre-payment beneficiary name validation.

Version 2

About version 2 of the IBAN-Name Check API for Banks

This SurePay IBAN-Name Check API provides instant feedback at a prepayment stage on the correctness of entered beneficiary details when making an online payment. This helps to prevent fraud and mistakes and enables trust and confidence while making payments.

How does it work?

The SurePay IBAN-Name Check consists of an intelligent algorithm that can be easily integrated into the bank's online environment through the API described in this document. Banks send a request containing the name and account number that the user entered in their online banking application. The algorithm verifies these details against the available data on the payee account and sends the bank the matching results in the response. In case of a no-match, the online banking application can show a warning message to the payer, upon which they can abort the payment, protecting them against mistakes and possible fraud. In the call exchange between the bank and SurePay, SurePay will include information about the status of the IBAN and the result of the name matching. It is up to the bank how best to implement the check in its online banking application, what the UX will look like, and what messages to show customers.

Surepay also offers additional services on top of our IBAN-Name Check as well as account check services in other countries via scheme partners. Access needs to be requested separately and induce additional (scheme) costs. Functionality in other schemes might also slightly differ from SurePay connected banks, because of differences in the local schemes.

We wish you a smooth implementation! We always look to improve the implementation experience of our customers, so if you have any questions or feedback on the documentation or the process, please let us know at info@surepay.nl.


A visual representation of how the IBAN-Name Check works

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